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Usyukuro sound station(http://usyukurosou.blog.shinobi.jp/) we had live365 station. But we got finansial probrem. so we open this sounder.
USYUKURO label artists manifesto


The castration of the social machine with no historical human truth, the human individual experiences fundamentally only schizo or paranoia. Japponska life for Ryu means like siberiann life from the Soviet Union era. Kunst is nothing to him like Duchamp. Theoretically he lives in the Fourth World (Dimension). Although we know the author's death,we act with kunst. The body and the mind have actually caused a topology contradiction. The body in practice is still restricted by Mr. Capitalism. How to deal with sounds by Ryu seems like Harry Partch, Luc Ferrari, NOT John Cage though with noise. His system of "Timbre"has hesitation between tone of one or another. The observer calls expectaion value which each one has "Sound". Yojyou-kyouraku , Object "α" which we can't reach total tonal.

2 kol sonzlgn

No music our life.no cummunist but marxists.we want only reach Kol sonzlgn(Body without organic)
But it means Death.But All schizod will happen.Forth world big crunch

3 overdose kunst >>HOMEPAGE

All we have such as art ,product,music,video,etc.our think,even, Nothing to us.
our mind is very fuckin'little.Because "Our Act" is true.
All we do or make depends on Google.Ads &search meaning to us.
please clickAds or seach us.(http://ovdk1.0moola.com/ovdk.html)
Hail great google!your offense to us equal offence to google..

4 TAKESHI.F,Makryham,slavoj,M2&R,Benyamin,ETC........


kunst moderngarde castration yojyo-kyouraku lacan globalism DelaylessIdeology light-facism power Author'sDeath

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