Usyukuro sound station blog
Usyukuro sound station(http://usyukurosou.blog.shinobi.jp/) we had live365 station. But we got finansial probrem. so we open this sounder.
Save the live365 testimonial
we are japan tokyo-chiba based small
indie net label "Usyukuro" .we have been (365)fan since 01.
then we could create our live365 station at  July 11, 03.
we had very little listener.because our music was very wired or pretty experimental.
But Live365 would give an opportunity to get our music heard all over the world
and represent American-Altenative mentality to us.
so  experience such as "Act Local Think Global"  is very important for us.
It seems political thing against majority who have evil power.
Also  live365 have many other great  minor stations,,and,
Almost exhaustive All music genres  seems like Mandara.
It sounds postmodern but we felt world closer.
We liked this image about 365.
we want keep our momentum bulding into crescendo
that everyone can hear.
we will have protest against netradio killer.