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russia ambient review
cas russia ambient review Ryu / The Castration Год издания: 2007 Ярлыки: Experimental / Dark Ambient Количество дисков: 1 Количество композиций: 6 Добавлено: 23 сентября 2007 года Просмотров: 16 In some areas, "thirteen" is known as a dark mystic number, and the same amount of works were released on the dark net-label "Darkwinter", until the new release from the Japanese master-of-sound-horror came out. Unfortunatelly, the label's owner Nathan Larson, who's previously was involved in the issuing process of such cult musicians as Vir Unis, Steve Roach and Alio Die, doesn't like to spread the issuing date of his presented albums, supposing probably this music is out of time and human being, and only from the MP3 tags we could conclude only one year passed between "The Depressed" release from Ryu, and that work which is issued this year, in 2007. That's true - MP3 format holds this music, and not the plastic bag for CD. It seems nowadays many musicians are ready to skip the monster label services, presenting their works on the free virtual platforms, but that doesn't mean the quality of their works stinks. For me, even titles of mr.Ryu's works seem descriptive enough and do not require additional presentation. "Depressed" album collected records of human fears at the initial level. Now, "The Castration" should bring up even more cynical and painful feelings, however it will be a surprise for the listener, that only one composition on the album is written following the previous dynamic rules. It is "Marxisto et Incestr", a thick chaos of the highly transformed mechanical sounds and noises, which will let your mind squeeze like under psychotronic attack. Most part of the album is very calm and not destroying, and it reminds the big dark emptyness, where rumpling the consciousness, only minimal stuff for imagination has been left. For those who are lost in this cut abstractionism, the introduction of even more voice messages could help. One of them somewhere at the beginning is a scream, "Mr.Capitalism, please castrate me!" and this is probably why the album is called so. Other voices sound like they would be recorded hundred years ago, then found and played after ecological catastrophe. If this stuff would not be included, I would seriously think that Ryu's music is castrating itself. But this lets me think there is something behind which probably flyes out of my knowledge. Additionally, it seems eastern flutes, tablas and possibly other natively percussed instruments are actively used now, exploring the "live" side of the dead music, which is quite interesting. I would specially mention the "Mujyun (Contradiction)" track, which stands separately from the whole album, but which seems for me the most successful work from Ryu so far, which could present his own genre and style in the future. Not a secret a lot of inspiration for this composer comes from the cold, but not empty Siberia lands, and freezing melancholic eastern culture in the dark ambience becomes a very attractive sound. Ryu / The Depressed Год издания: 2006 Ярлыки: Experimental / Avantgarde Количество дисков: 1 Количество композиций: 4 Добавлено: 23 сентября 2007 года Просмотров: 20 Ambient music was developed initially with the main idea of relaxation and curing, however during few years it became the new level in abstract feelings, bringing a listener the ability to construct his own mind and thinking through the listening process. Most of such art works are rare to get and even buy, however there are many musicians that share their composing experience with no fee at all, and everybody could enjoy them just being connected to Internet. One of such musicians is Japanese construction specialist Ryu, which mostly surrounds himself with the hard-to-understand descriptions and bios, provides the only possibility to listen to his music through his own ears with no charge. "The Depressed" work, for example, is described as "a post sampling kinetic dissipative system of sound in nonequalibrium", however those who is familiar with the digital abstractionism, won't find it difficult to understand and get some fun. Released at the famous darkenist Nathan Larson's net-label "Darkwinter", it consists of four tracks in total, each of them is more than 10 minutes long journey into gloomy world of something like city sewerage, which reminds me the dryed brain of the fanatics looking for S.E.T.I. signals while being underground. Emotional part of the tracks follows the strange logics: it appears you are first following the submersion to nowhere constructed of microscopic humids and cut radio waves, then suddenly come to the hidden door which opens and scares you with the very bright, or maybe dark light - it depends on the mood you are currently in. Third track appears to be very calm and standing to the classic ambient works in "Biosphere" style, like giving the listener the fresh breath after a long sweaty running. Finally, the last 16-minutes long epos discovers the true about this album's heroes, which seems to be some japanese teens sitting on the closet and trying to imagine what is their life's problem: diffused japanese woman's voice is combined with the ice and still water particles we heard at the beginning, with the standalone melancholics from the third track, and it ends up with the perversed harmonics inherited from the second part. Not saying it will be a memorable record in your whole life, and as about the compositional part, it is created just from two or three changing notes; however it is an interesting work, full of unusual samples, textures and their combinations, coming worldwide straight from the enigmatic continent. ovdk