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Usyukuro sound station(http://usyukurosou.blog.shinobi.jp/) we had live365 station. But we got finansial probrem. so we open this sounder.
Far east continental space
The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic (Russian: Респу́блика Саха́ (Яку́тия); Yakut: Саха Республиката) is a federal subject of Russia (a republic). The direct romanization of the republic's name is Respublika Sakha (Yakutiya) in Russian and Sakha Respublikata in Sakha. At half the size of the Far Eastern Federal District, it is the largest sub-national governing body by area in the world. Sahka is far east siberian nation. As from Album "Le sambolic",Digital Domain Xoomei sakha # Original Release Date: January 1, 2006# Label: Doppleganger # Copyright: 2005 Doppleganger # Song Length: 10:19 minutes # Genres: Dance & DJ/General # ASIN: B000SFDTAU will be World music with "Expanded semi-tonalism" like kafka,werbern, rather than lower east side postmodern improv style . "Expanded semi-tonalism" creates root-less or nontonal Escape-line As for sound. Then ,Sound cann't maintain itself on the base uncertainty principle or Unschärferelation principle. .In Non-equilibrium,it will get Yuragi. Then,Forth world muziq be Generated with Digital-Domain-based technique "Expanded semi-tonalism". so Digital-Domain-based tunes almost be called world muziq. and Digital-Domain-based tunes have atmosphere such as most coldest Far east continental space. and Boltz or Oval said Digital-Domain got Perfecly function, so Digital-Domain-based tunes get denial theology. This image is uncertain because we don't know physics or music. But This style will be considered after 80's or early 90's postmodernism style. ovdk