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landscape of cosmic ambience
Synthesist John Serrie creates an enchanting electronic landscape of cosmic ambience under which the flute work of John Winter Hawk Johnson sings and soars. Serrie masterfully conjures the setting of a Native mystical universe while such guests as Tom Walks in Dreams Goodman and others chant and speak the languages of their ancestors. The effect is soothing and wondrous: shakers jangle in and out of swaths of synth while deep full accent drums beat on and timeless voices whisper across the starry sky. Though Native purists may find the programming of Serrie a little too precious, Serrie fans and those interested in ambient or space music will find spiritual solace in his expansive take on traditional Native American music. --Karen K. Hugg

By docmayhw@kdsi.net (Fairfield, Iowa) - See all my reviews

A deeply spiritual collaboration between several excellent Native American musicians and the master of the synthesizer, Jonn Serrie. This album artfully blends soulful Native American flute, rain drum, Indian drums, cymbals etc. with the cosmic paintbrush of Serrie's synth sound. Serrie has an almost mystical ability to take simple, slowly sustained synth cords and use them to peacefully open your heart, your third eye and a direct line to the Great Spirit. This music is terminally expansive, if you die while you are listening to it you will never need to come back. This album, especially "Morning Song" and "The Lovers", creates the sort of perfectly legal auditory opium Serrie fans have become addicted to. I have all his albums,play them almost constantly without tiring, and wish there were many more.Why is this great musician not better known?
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5.0 out of 5 stars A soul expanding merger of the earth and the sky, January 11, 1999
By A Customer
I have all of Jonn's music, and each one tops the next. His musical growth seems to parallel my own personal expansion, and I highly recommend this CD to anyone, who has an interest in both native, as well as space/ambient, sounds. It is transportive, heartfelt, seductive, relaxing, and deeply deeply moving. I listen to it over and over, and never tire of it. It speaks to my soul.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A Great Blend of What Jonn knows best &Native American Music,
December 4, 2001 By Sandy Inman (Florida) - See all my reviews

I've been a long time fan of Jonn's space music. This is a great blend of what he knows best and the blending of Native American music. If you meditate, this will take you to the realm of Native American spirituality.
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Tragedy march air Attack (Tokyo raid)
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