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Usyukuro sound station(http://usyukurosou.blog.shinobi.jp/) we had live365 station. But we got finansial probrem. so we open this sounder.
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Sara Ayers From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Sara Ayers is an ambient music artist who uses her voice as a sound source. The Chemical Brothers used samples of Ayers' "Everyday We Die a Little" on their song "Come Inside" from their album Push the Button. VH1 used samples of "Angel #3" for the soundtrack of Behind the Music: Britney Spears. And the Russian electronic trio Figura constructed an entire album, The Sara Ayers Remixes, around her vocals. Contents [hide] * 1 Discography o 1.1 Solo discography o 1.2 Compilations o 1.3 Collaborations * 2 External links [edit] Discography [edit] Solo discography * (1997) Voices * (1999) Sylvatica * (2001) Drowning In Light - Extended Version * (2001) Interiors * (2005) A Million Stories [edit] Compilations * (2004) I Sewed The Feathers To My Arms - PiNG AMBiENCE 2 * (2006) Leaving the Land of Before - Electricity Is Your Friend, 3 Pin Recordings [edit] Collaborations (2001) The Sara Ayers Remixes - w/ Figura (2008/07) Kyzyl To Samarkand -w/Ryuta.k [edit] External links * Official web site * Sara Ayers' page at 3 Pin Recordings ovdk

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