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Overdose kunst Ryuta.k
BIOGRAPHY::tokyo-chiba based experimental band"Overdose kunst"
member &musician Ryuta.k(aka RYU)
releases mostly freeform ambient and experimental muziq 
since 97 with powerbookG4 ,max/msp,jackson guitar,joemeek,etc.
Also he has learning post modern Structuralism or Philosophy or modern art
(art&Technology),modernscience such as deleuz ,lacan, dechamp,prigozine.
In his boyhood,he listened only rock. but Gradually he has interested in Various music like jazz,folk,worldmusic,digitaldomain,noise,wired avant or things .
He calls The genre of fishy music he made
Post sampling kinetic nonhierarchical nonlinear nonequilibrium forth world muziq !
Or, it might not be considered musical.
DISCOGRAPHY; ep1/ep2 (1998, Player server net)
Player server CompilationCD(2001,Player server )
Overdose kunst=Nonsight-Aural Environmenter (2002,MIMI records)
Overdose kunst=non-form material machine (2003,postmoderncore)
Overdose kunst=War of kelgenetu(2004,umbrellanoize)
Tribute to Gregory Bateson (2005,MIMI records)
The depressd (2006,Dark winter records)
le sambolic (2005,doppelganger-records)
zousyoku(2006,MIMI records)
These are not muziq (2007,doppelganger-records)
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