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Allegorik Symptom Before the Cataclysm review

Track 04 - Artist: Ovdk and Seetyca (bryant,Gwiazda,etc.)

this song written inspired by levi r bryant,H.Gwiazda,etc...

Artist: Ovdk and Seetyca
Title: Allegorik Symptom Before the Cataclysm
Netlabel: Dark Winter
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Release: March 2015


Years ago in ambient music, before the onslaught of dark ambient and drone, there was a niche genre called ambient noise, pleasing music that was a bit off, a bit dirty. I believe C. Reider calls this type of music quiet noise. Whatever you call this musical sub-genre, I know two things: the sonic spectrum is quite broad even in this electronic nook and we probably could not agree on an exact definition of ambient noise.

Ovdk and Seetyca’s latest work, Allegorik Symptom Before the Cataclysm on Dark Winter, uses melodic ambient drones mixed with a series noises, natural or otherwise, to produce an album that gives the listener the comfort of ambient music with contention of subtle noises.

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